I know! Its about time I introduced myself!

Hi It is me, Merijn.
I make cartoons.
I look like this:

I've got 3 kids, a dog and a cat and a wife. They are all fantastic! (exept my cat)
I am in my 40s and if I understand my kids correctly (almost all teens now) this is like super old and I am now deep into the winter of my life.
This is true and f I squeeze my eyes I think I can even see the tunnel of light rushing towards me in the distance.

I love to create content and have a fondness for making cartoons and writing stories.
I also adore ellipsis...
And if I finish one of the 2 books I am currently writing I will let you know, but do not hold your breath because I am taking my sweet time.

I now officially work as a content creator and maintainer of content for [Redacted] because this website is about me.

So I make cartoons.
I did it before. And now I started doing it again.
I began a long time ago with a Dutch cartoon called " Meneertje erger je niet" (Mister fret not), who looked like this:
(well almost like this, I remade this one)

I loved creating cartoons with this little fellow and alltough making one everyday was a challenge it was still loads of fun.
After a couple of years my life changed and I paused the cartoon.

Then I got invited to make cartoons for a magazine in Amsterdam!
I did that for a couple of years and had heaps of fun!
Out of that work some national and international content gigs came my way.

During all that I also owned a small company in a completely different field: as a private contractor that renovated natural stone floors and countertops.
As it turned out, knowing a bit about content is a fantastic way to make sure you are found on the internet, in any business.
And now I don’t have that company anymore because i got hired permanently and that means that I have way more time left over!
And so I started making cartoons again.

The first new cartoon is Rock Pebble and the Radioshow:

It revolves around a couple of characters:
Radio, a panicky receiver that shouts the latest news into the ether and
Rock and the Pebbles who respond with their stoïc (or stonic in their case) point of view.
To me most of the world seems to revolve around being outraged and triggered about whatever news and conflicting political views are dominating our perspectives. And I feel any influence that comes from this "urge to panick and judge" is annoying as hell and a not helpful at all.
So these cartoons are a way for me to stay a bit more humane, non-political and they give me a more grounded perspective.

Mister Fretnot, a different cartoon, will be officially reintroduced in a little while.

That's it for now, go look at some pictures.